Industry Trend Analysis - Ascensia Continues To Advance In Diabetes Management Through Partnerships - 08 JAN 2018

BMI View: Ascensia Diabetes Care ' s partnership with Health2Sync adds to increasing collaborations that will advance its growth in diabetes management. By initially targeting countries within Asia, both companies will benefit from the high prevalence of diabetes requiring effective intervention and the sustained increase in patient aids sales in the region will ensure long-term growth. Diabetes patients will benefit from use of the complementary devices and technologies , helping them to better manage their diabetes.

Ascensia Diabetes Care ( Panasonic) has entered a collaboration with Health2Sync that aims to improve diabetes care by bringing an integrated digital management solution to patients in Asia. As part of this collaboration, the companies will create a combined offering for patients with diabetes - the Ascensia Customer Care Program - that comprises of Ascensia's Contour Plus or Contour TS blood glucose monitoring (BGM) systems, the Health2Sync app and a loyalty programme for users.

Once the combined offering is launched, when patients with diabetes purchase either Contour BGM system, they will be able to join the Ascensia Customer Care Program after registering for an account in the Health2Sync mobile app. Membership benefits include discount coupons for test strips, promotions and educational materials about diabetes. Health2Sync and Ascensia are also exploring innovative approaches to delivering the combined solution via health insurance providers for patients with diabetes.

Large Targetable Population Highlights Potential
Prevalence Of Diabetes In Adults (20-79 years) Of Select Asian Countries (%), 2017
Source: International Diabetes Federation, BMI

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