Corporate Financing Analysis - Global Cross-Border Dealmaking High And Rising - 01 MAY 2017

In the 'risk on' global environment for M&A in 2017, the appetite among corporate boardrooms to make deals across borders and into new markets has returned to its highest level in a decade. Indeed, not since the onset of the global financial crisis have strategic acquirers been announcing transactions involving targets outside the borders of their home market with such regularity. We believe that the uptick in such dealmaking is set to accelerate further still across not only Q217, but also the remainder of the year owing to an alignment of both the current market conditions and a shift in sentiment among dealmakers.

Indeed, with equity market pushing through record levels, borrowing costs still sat near record lows, and strategic acquirers eager to put unworked capital to work, we expect to see cross-broader dealmakers playing a more important role in the broader globally M&A rally in 2017.

The 'Perfect Storm' For Deals

US Spending Big
Q117 Outbound Global Cross-Border Deal Value By Nationality, by USDbn
Source: Dealogic

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