December 2016 Analysis

Corporate Financing Analysis - The Only Way Is Equities For US PE Exits In 2017 - 19 DEC 2016

After an anaemic year for exit activity, US financial sponsors are poised to sell down a growing number of investments via equity markets in 2017 - although we highlight that this likely to be a steady uptick in deal flow rather than a sudden wave of activity. A combination of 'push' and 'pull' factors are at play here. On the push side, PE funds have by and large been unable to sell down their...


Corporate Financing Analysis - REIT IPO Lights Up Marijuana's Investment Potential - 12 DEC 2016

Our Agribusiness team recently picked the debate surrounding the investment potential of marijuana as one of its key themes for 2017. Indeed, with the crop's incremental legalisation for medical reasons in parts of the US and Canada drawing the attention of the tobacco, medical, and food and drink industries, we expect the conversation to grow increasingly louder over the coming quarters.