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Corporate Financing Week (CFW) together with Corporate Financing Daily Alert (CFDA) provide complete coverage of M&A activity, IPOs, privatisations, equity and debt financing across US and emerging markets. CFW/CFDA delivers analysis and insights into key growth M&A and IPO markets and anticipates global trends by examining changes in financial flows and industry trends. CFW/CFDA also provides systematic tracking of trends through our 'Key Market Views'.

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Strategic Content
Deal Of The Week
Finance / Hong Kong

The internationalisation of the Chinese currency continues to snowball. Beijing's 'yuan plan' to promote the renminbi as a bona fide reserve currency has seen it make reform after reform. And the offshore resort of Hong Kong has primarily been the arena for this strategy.

Market Leader

The brakes are off in the European high yield bond arena. We are not just talking about your normal y-o-y increase in activity here, far from it in fact. Rather, what we are talking about is an unprecedented rush of activity in the junk bond arena. To be sure, the latest data shows that the high yield market in the European arena is well on course to set a full-year record in 2013.

Key Market Views
Finance / Chile

Chilean alternative telecoms operator Grupo GTD has announced its first international acquisition. The company will acquire Colombian corporate telecoms operator Flywan, which offers data and internet services in major cities in Colombia. GTD has quickly expanded in recent years, launching mobile services and becoming one of the key competitors to incumbent Telefónica de Chile....2012-09-03

Latest Stories
Finance / India

Hewlett-Packard is reportedly preparing to sell its 60.5% stake in its Indian IT services unit, MphasiS. Although BMI expects the sale will pique the interests of local IT companies seeking to augment their domestic footprints, those with their eyes on the growing international business process outsourcing (BPO) market will likely refrain from bidding. We therefore believe that...2013-06-07

Finance / United Kingdom

TAQA's acquisition of BP's assets will extend its position in offshore UK south into the Central North Sea. It also supports our view that despite the North Sea's maturity, its fields remain 'safe' assets to hold on to that can help support TAQA's bottom line as it moves into riskier oil plays. Although investments such as these into brownfield developments will only slow the rate...2013-06-07

Latin America
Finance / Mexico

Mexico's strong OTC medicine market growth has not only provided significant revenue-generating opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, but also attracted investment from companies in other sectors. A competitive and relatively well developed pharmaceutical retail sector will improve the accessibility of medicines for local patients and provide potential avenues for drugmakers...2013-05-17

Middle East & Africa
Finance / Djibouti

Ethiopia's telecommunications market will not be opened to competition in the foreseeable future, nor will state-owned incumbent Ethio Telecom be privatised, according to a statement made by the country's prime minister. While a change in government policy was in any case not anticipated, we continue to believe that the state continues to overlook the potential long-term benefits...2013-07-10

North America
Finance / Canada

ExxonMobil's swoop for ConocoPhillips' Clyden oil sands assets will provide upside risk to Canada's oil production outlook. As Conoco sheds its non-core assets, Exxon buys into a further project that will help it boost its oil output which has seen a decline over recent quarters. However, despite the positive outlook for production growth from oil sands, Canada will face particular...2013-08-13